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This concise read for the daily commute will focus on the overnight asset drivers as well as the impending data calendar for the day ahead. It will be particularly useful for those presenting on morning calls on the sell and buyside.

Publication Time: 6:45am

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Your daily financial markets briefing!

  • Overnight highlights in key asset classes, including commodities, FX, fixed income, equities and crypto.

  • Current macro themes with a review of the previous day and a preview of today’s economic data releases, central bank speakers etc.

  • Main highlights ahead with a comprehensive calendar of key upcoming data, events and speakers.

Publication Time: Every morning, Mon-Fri by 7:15 am (UK)


The focus of this piece will be the key market narratives trending on Harkster.com. What users of our platform are consuming, what themes are top of mind and the key risk events they're researching. It will also document the top links and podcasts our users consumed over the previous day.

Published daily, except for days with a ‘Harkster Previews’ publication (see below).

Publication Time: During the trading day - timing varies based on market events


This publication will focus on what's in the price for key events, what the consensus expects as well as a decision tree for potential dovish / hawkish outcomes, e.g. What does a hawkish outcome look like relative to consensus pricing in rates as well as vol markets. It will also highlight key sources/previews that have been curated in designated channels for each central bank event.

Publication Time: 24 hours prior to the event


A concise weekend read, recapping what the street consumed over the course of the week, which articles were of focus and which topics were researched. Macro narratives will be interwoven with recommended reading as well as “Top 10 reads of the past week” and "Top 5 podcasts of the past week".

Publication Time: Saturday Lunchtime


HarksterPRO includes complimentary access to our team’s research inbox. Stream your favourite financial content into your own custom channels, including bank publications, independent research, podcasts, financial press and more. - "It's like Tweetdeck for financial research".


Introductory Price: $24/month OR $240/year

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The Harkster Backstory

We experienced the problems of managing research first-hand whilst working together on the execution desk of a global macro fund.

When MiFID II was introduced in 2018, rather than curtail the amount of research we received, it resulted in an explosion of new independent sources.

The desk was inundated with research across different mediums.

Time was often wasted searching inboxes for topical content, navigating algos and spam or asking on chats for content already received.

We built the Harkster research inbox to manage this ever-expanding research universe by streaming quality content into a single platform, sorted into ready-made channels on key market narratives and drivers.

At HarksterHQ, we continuously monitor these channels to alert you to the day's evolving macro themes through our newsletters.

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